Casa Cedro is nestled in the rolling hills, lush with palm trees, above Yelapa with a spectacular high view point. It's just a fifteen minute hike from the Playita beach or the Yelapa village. From whale watching to stargazing, you'll be delighted at this magical vista. Casa Cedro is one of the most affordable vacation spots in Yelapa, Mexico, away from the high-priced tourist places. This vista offers an unique experience, at a low-cost, in the natural beauty of Yelapa's hills.

     There are three palapas (houses) available for rent at Casa Cedro: the Main House, "Casa Cedro" (largest), the Middle House, "Casa Bahia" (medium-sized), and the Lower House, "Casa Pamela" (smallest). All three of the palapas have extraordinary views; also, there is a massage table available for bodywork. These rustic houses can be rented individually, or alternatively, two, or all three of the houses can be rented by a group of, ideally, eight to twelve people.

     The Main House, where the hosts, Angus and Cedro, usually stay, is available for rent. The most compelling feature of this house is a large patio with panoramic views. "Casa Cedro" includes a double bed, cots for families, a full kitchen, a spacious bathroom, and a massage table for relaxing treatments.

     The Middle Guesthouse, with its own kitchen and bathroom, is tucked away down the hill. Flowering bougainvilleas, ornamental woody vines with brilliant red and purple flower bracts, surround the house and create a great place to kick back and unwind. "Casa Bahia" has sturdy handcrafted furniture - a double bed upstairs, and cots available for families, as well as, a kitchen complete with cooking utensils.

     "Casa Pamela," the smaller palapa, offers a double bed and is even more affordable than the first two. Because it is without a kitchen and bathroom, the guests of "Casa Pamela" are more than welcome to use the Main House's facilities. The bathroom is its own separate house, which is available to everyone. Casa Cedro has a welcoming, friendly, family-feel atmosphere amidst the natural, rugged beauty of the land.

     While the houses at Casa Cedro have running water, they are lit by romantic candlelight; visitors will want to bring a sweater, pants, and flashlight for the evenings. All of the guests are welcome to use the kitchens for cooking; or a popular choice, by many tourists, is to eat fresh and specialty foods at the local restaurants.

     The trail to Casa Cedro is a moderate hike. It's a great place to improve, or maintain your body's health and fitness. For someone who is of average vitality and wellness, the hike to the top of the hill will take about fifteen minutes, without a backpack, or twenty minutes with a backpack. The local children can carry your belongings for a reasonable price.

     Casa Cedro is a retreat from the stresses of a hectic world. This "jungle storybook" hillside is a perfect place to rejuvenate, and become one with nature. It's an experience never to be forgotten.

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